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About The Program

Jillina's BDExperience is an intensive, professional development program for intermediate to professional belly dancers looking for theatrical performance experience.


Online Application

Online Training

In-person Intensive


Dancers Apply online from all over the world to join the program and audition online with BDE Choreography. 

Dancers receive online training for 4-6 weeks, learning choreography via instructional video and live meet-ups with the directors. Cast members receive individual feedback on their progress.

The Cast and Directors come together for 4 days of intense in-studio rehearsal, where they tighten the choreography, focus on expression, receive their costumes, polish their performance and take the stage! 

Be A part of the Magic


Meet the Directors

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Jillina Carlano has over 30 years experience producing results with dancers all over the globe. She was the founding Artistic Director and Main Choreographer for the Bellydance Superstars and toured throughout the world including. In 2009, Jillina created Bellydance Evolution to take the art of belly dance to new heights. Since then the company has performed in over 20 countries and was featured at the Magazine Festival in Morocco. 


Sabah has decades of experience in classical, modern, and folk styles of dance as an instructor, choreographer and performer. She has been a member of dance companies such as Chicago's Festival ballet, Alabama Ballet, momenta, Aman Aman, American University in Cairo's Folkloric group, The bellydance Superstars, and is currently the Artistic Program Manager and co-director at Bellydance Evolution.

Luna Poumian is trained in ballet, synchronized swimming, hip hop and contemporary dance. It was in 2007 where she get involved with Middle Eastern Dance and found her true passion. Luna joined the cast of BDE in 2014 as a cast member in "Alice in Wonderland" and continued to play lead roles in "Fantasm: 1001 Nights". In 2017 she opened "Casa Luna" Dance Home in Mexico as a space for teaching, practice and experimentation of movement as a form of expression. 

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